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Mashable Is a Blog of Web Tips and Social Networking Tips.You can get more enough as you expect from it....

Fatography-A Blog Review

This blog is being managed by a student who loves photography.She is young with her determined mind set and going on her way to professionalism. . . .


The Blog is for car lovers who like to see upcoming models and like to share for someone others.The blog covers the field and it can really help those advance people that have a busy schedule and ...

Blogging for kids

This blog is only for the children.The author teaches useful tips on blogging tips for kids.The author is an educationist and she knew the requirements of children. . .


This blog is being is realated to technology and its posts are being written by the author Raymond. . .

Mashable-A Blog Review

Mashable is a blog of Social Media News and Web Tips
Here you can find the latest news and stories of Social Networking Sites like Facebook,Twitter and many others whom you may not even know.I have found this blog very much useful in this regard and therefore decided to write a review on it.
I think the blog is covering only advance level topics like Location Based Marketing Entrepreneurs etc.But along with this they are also covering topics for beginners like Pinterest Beginners Guide.In this post the author covers the very bases of Pinterest,The growing social media network all over the World.
10 Tips And Tricks For Better Google Plus Brand Pages, Facebook Timeline Ideas and Facebook Trends In 2012 are that kind of things that can help Social Media Users very much.
Although the ideas expressed in the blog is not of a single person and here is the way you can share knowledge.
You can contact Mashable Team on Social Media sites here:
And Remember,Never Leave Without Leaving Your Comments And Shares.

Wisdom From Books-A Blog Review

Wisdom From Books is the blog of Malik Mirza.He loves to read books and share the knowledge he gets.In his blog,he said about his hobby in these words,"I love to read good books, share the ideas expressed in those books with people."He describes blogging as "A Forum With A Purpose".He said about his blog that it is to promote ideas from different management books, business books and even novels. You can read various ideas and useful techniques for personality developmentmotivationinspirationbusinessmanagement and self-help.
The author is a Chartered Accountant(ACA) and Chartered Certified Accountant(ACCA) and it is truly surprising thing for many people like me that those who are such a professional also have a interests like blogging and are doing so.
He usually writes on issues like management,Personality development and inspiration.In his posts he mostly quote the knowledge he read in books and blogs.
In one of his latest posts,he discusses about the story of Ancient Greek mythology that how Alexander The Great become ruler of Asia and then he started conquering the World.In this post,the author tells to give the lesson "Think Out Of The Box" which means that every problem has more than One solution and one should think generously with positive piece of mind.
In other relative posts,we can see topics like "3 Key Lessons from the life of Mr.Jobs" and "Facebook Can Be Dangerous" and "10 Qualities Of A Great Leader" which means that he tries to cover almost every topic that relates to his field.
And Remember,Never Leave Without Leaving Your Comments And Shares.

Mathcity-A Review

Today I am reviewing an education related site.Mathcity.The site contains very good material regarding Mathematics for students of Matric level to MSc. and Ph.D.This site is for the young learners of Pakistan who are studying Text Books of PunjabTextbook Board.It not only contain solution of exercises but for the convenience and preparation of exams of students, it has large range of old question papers.It have software section which is meant for all.It contain some software's regarding maths study like an online calculator.They have developed another site Physics city which contains material regarding physics.You can get some more knowledge that you are expecting from it.

Fatography-A Blog Review

Today I am going take a review on a photography blog, FatoGraphy.The blog is being managed by a Islamabad based girl who had a passion of photography and her work is grooming day by day.She said about her blog that:
"FatoGraphy is the brand-name and brainchild of Fatimah Haroon–an Islamabad-based photographer who aspires to deify the beauty of her world, embodying the fire of the artist, the detailing of the sculptor, and the madness within the poet".
She has a dream of becoming a professional and has developed a team who is providing their services on different occasion.They Said:"FatoGraphy™ provides services in imaging; while our customer-base lies primarily in still photography, our artist’s paintbrush glistens before the video camera, too".
They are also using the new techniques of business and you can get them on the following social media forums.

New Scientist- A Blog Review

Today I am going to discuss a technology related blog. New Scientist is a Blog of Science and Technology.With their magazine,they are providing best knowledge on the best way of Internet for their thousands of users all over the world.
The magazine is basically published for the basic knowledge of science and technology for those people who are not student of science,the knowledge is about new discoveries and researches in the world.The blog is a way to put forward this knowledge on Internet.
With particular articles on science, it also contains articles on social aspects of science.The Science-in-Society and Life deserves the articles like that.The Opinion and the News contains about comments and analysis and news around the world.
In their one of the recent articles,the writer enlightened the worst problem of the planet the growing temperature of Earth.In this you will notice that how the growing population is alternately growing the pollution and the reasons for the global warming. 

Blogging For Kids-A Blog Review

The review is on a blog that teaches blogging tips for kids.Kids Learn To Blog is a blog that teaches blogging tips for little children,their parents and for their teachers.
The blog is being managed by Dr. Patricia Fioriello who is an educationist. In addition to providing coaching, mentoring of best practices for teachers and administrators, she also provides technology and marketing techniques for school systems.In addition to this blog she is managing some other blogs also.
The blog provides best and the best blogging stuff for the teenage children.In the services page they admired that they provide two main services to our followers.First one is free in our post and articles and the second one is costly in which you become our member and get each month tons of stuff – articles, sites, games, chatroom etc.
By video its very easy for learners to get the point and grab what the teacher is teaching them and this tools is being used in addition to giving useful websites and search engines.
At the end the author gives an easy opportunity to learners to contact her by simply leaving their message in the contact page.

Digital Inspiration-A Blog Review

Today I am going to share a technology blog with you.Digital Inspiration is a technology blog which is being managed by an Indian Amit Agarwal.Amit is a Computer Science Engineer and is a professional Blogger.He had been awarded many awards that include Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for five years in a row (2007-2011).
The blog template is very much contrasting with the theme of blog.i.e.,Technology and Internet. The Google ads are placed such a nicely in post that it never cause hesitation for the visitor. The bookmarks and sharing buttons are much pretty and do their job good for the blogger.The footer has a three column widget and the simple background make it more attractive and powerful.
The best thing in my opinion in that blog is the Facebook recommendation column that do the work of random post widget.The comment on a post also redirects you to your Facebook account.
In their recent post "Getting a Job at Google" he gives the reference of Steven Levy who spent a lot of time in Google campus and he guide students through a video that how they can spent their holidays by getting a job in Google.

Way2Blogging- A Blog Review

Today I am going to share a post on a blog.Way2Blogging.The blog writer describes himself in following linesAbout Me.
The blog is about blogging in which the blog owner gives very useful tips about blogging.The blog is started in last year 2010 and got a valuable place in blogging community.The blogger has a very vast knowledge about blogging and he put it all in his post.
In my opinion the major theme of the blogger is to put his knowledge about blogger themes,widgets,Jquery etc...In the pages he included widgets,tips,templates and blogger tools.
The best thing that I also love in the blog is Stay Connected buttons that includes RSS,Twitter,Facebook and Email.The footer widget includes Popular Posts, Recent Comments and a Friend widget.The friend widget includes his other friends blog and I think this is a useful thing for blogger as it gains a good traffic for your blog.The label and Facebook page is linked to left corner of blog while Google Ad sense is setup in suitable place and in short you can get it all from this blog for your Blog.

Paulo Coelho's Blog Review

The Blog of Paulo Coelho is written by Paulo Coelho, A best writer of 20th century whose several books are being published all over the world in different languages.His book "AL-CHEMIST" won the best seller book award and is being published in 65 languages.In total, Coelho has published 29 books. Two of them – The Pilgrimage and The Valkyries – are autobiographical, while the majority of the rest are fictional, although rooted in his life experiences Others are collections of essays, newspaper columns, or selected teachings lectures.
Written in simple English this blog is updated by Coelho himself on every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.Using this blog Paulo Coelho manage this blog to keep in touch with his followers and readers who are not following him on other social networking websites.Paulo Coelho mostly write on humor and sensation and put this in fiction which touches many hearts.In his most active blog he has a forum in which his lovers exchange their views on different topics while the categories option is pretty good for those who had missed different topics.
In one of his latest post he discussed a book "Shiny Brass Buttons" which had won FIGMENT-FABLE WRITING CONTEST.

You Are Not So Smart – Blog Review

YOU ARE NOT SO SMART is a blog by  journalist David McRaney,

who also “loves psychology, technology and the internet.”

Its area of focus is dedicated to showing us how we are not actually 

the rational, logical beings we like to think we are.

 You Are Not So Smart   Blog Review

Written in plain English and free from unnecessary technical terminology, You Are Not So Smart manages to make pretty complex, high level decision making theories and the idea of cognitive biases easily understood by the average Joe. His journalistic background means the writing is of an exceptionally high quality and filled with pithy statements that stick in your mind long after you’ve clicked back to Youtube. McRaney also manages to make his potentially dry subject matter highly entertaining by peppering his posts withmodern-day, contextual examples that just about anyone can relate to – ranging from Farmville to Halloween costumes – to illustrate the points he is making.


In one of his latest posts, The Sunk Cost Fallacy, McRaney uses the popularity of Facebook games like Farmville to explain why humans experience loss more acutely than gain, and manages to do this in a highly engaging manner without trivializing the subject matter. By the end of the post, readers have a clear idea of why they inevitably are compelled to “throw good money after bad” – a concept that frequent gamblers would gain much from grasping.

Money With Blogging-A Blog Review

"I Need Discipline Showing You How To Make Money Online By Blogging"
As the title shows that this blog is related to the money making by blogging.There are different useful links for money making guide and the links of useful advertising agencies.
I had THREE simple goals when I started,The author express this in "How I Started" .1.If I found ways to make money then I would share them with people.2. I was going to do this by spending as little money as possible.3. I would try and turn this into a full time job.
This shows his curiosity about money by blogging.He is managing this blog since four years and teaching the knowledge as he have.I got a lot from that blog and his blogposts and like his other readers,I always wait his new post every time.

Review on a Blog

 I am going to discuss a technology related blog.The name and link of blog is this blog is fully well-suited* for you.You can find there all about blog relating things and useful tips can be more helpful for your blogging carrer.The latest post category in home page is rather more helpful as you can directly see the latest post in first click.The best thing in the blog is that the Ads are in specified places so that visitors might not get  irritate of this.

Review on a Blog

 I am going to discuss a technology related blog Raymond.You can find there as much as you want.The forum of discussion is really good and helpful as this is divided into a couple of categories like computer related in which you can find about software,hardware etc.The latest post category in home page is rather more helpful as you can directly see the latest post in first click.and above it the post labels are very good this provides an easy approach to all categories.The best thing in the blog is that the Ads are in specified places so that visitors might not get irritate of this.
The author tries to welcome the learners by his posts in which he not only talks on computer and internet but he takes Mac,Automobiles,Fitness, and some Funny topics in his post writing.
In his latest post,the author teaches us to convert MOV videos  to smaller sized WMV format by using Windows Live Movie Maker.In some other related articles we can find Subtitles In a Movie , Stream Youtube Faster RAR Videos without Extracting etc....
Hope you like it.Leave your comments about this post.

Ping My Blog

Ping My Blog is a blog where you can find different categories blogs only in one directory and it saves your time very much.This is an easy way to improve the popularity of your blog and gain much more traffic.

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