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New Scientist- A Blog Review

Today I am going to discuss a technology related blog. New Scientist is a Blog of Science and Technology.With their magazine,they are providing best knowledge on the best way of Internet for their thousands of users all over the world.
The magazine is basically published for the basic knowledge of science and technology for those people who are not student of science,the knowledge is about new discoveries and researches in the world.The blog is a way to put forward this knowledge on Internet.
With particular articles on science, it also contains articles on social aspects of science.The Science-in-Society and Life deserves the articles like that.The Opinion and the News contains about comments and analysis and news around the world.
In their one of the recent articles,the writer enlightened the worst problem of the planet the growing temperature of Earth.In this you will notice that how the growing population is alternately growing the pollution and the reasons for the global warming. 


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