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Mashable Is a Blog of Web Tips and Social Networking Tips.You can get more enough as you expect from it....

Fatography-A Blog Review

This blog is being managed by a student who loves photography.She is young with her determined mind set and going on her way to professionalism. . . .


The Blog is for car lovers who like to see upcoming models and like to share for someone others.The blog covers the field and it can really help those advance people that have a busy schedule and ...

Blogging for kids

This blog is only for the children.The author teaches useful tips on blogging tips for kids.The author is an educationist and she knew the requirements of children. . .


This blog is being is realated to technology and its posts are being written by the author Raymond. . .

InfoToTech-A Blog Review

InfoToTech. The only reason behind to write a post on this blog is the author of this blog.Faisal Raheem is the youngest blogger I have ever met.He is a young of 14 years old living in Pakistan.He has started many blogs but InfoToTech is his first professional blog.According to him,he is a SEO consultant and he loves to write on bloggers issues like Secrets to Write or How to Create a Classic blog Post.
The blog is very simple and contain very helping stuff for Newbie bloggers. In the blog,he uses simple little but strong ideas that convey easily and can be very helpful for many people.I was stunned by his professional posts like Recovering From Google Penguin Update that really makes me a regular visitor of the blog.
I think Blogging is a great platform for every kind of a person and can be used by these little minds to express their ideas to the whole world.
You can found InfoToTech here also:
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Freakify-A Blog Review

Freakify is a blog about best tutorials on HTML,CSS, PHP, Photoshop,Android,Tips & Tricks about Smart Phones Inspirational Resources Web Development and Designing.
I met across the blog while searching of giving effects to Facebook DP online and accidently get interaction with Ahmad Awais who love drinking strong coffee:).
The author is a student of Electrical Engineering but have deep interest in web designing HTML, CSS, PHP, Assembly, C, C++(OOP), Visual Basic, Verilog, and MySQL etc.He is also managing 5 other websites/blogs along with Freakify:
1.Ahmad Awais

3.The IETEC.
These blogs are about his personal and university life. while Martpk is a site of sell and buy.
Freakify let you help in basics of  each label shown above. Like in Blogspot you see tutorials by Abid Khan or in Smart Phones you can see Killer Review on Galaxy Note.I am enjoying the basic Html language  knowledge by Ahmad Awais while Adobe Muse is new for me still.
In the latest post he describes about the Sliding Login Registration Bar For Free and Describes the step to make a Site map in WordPress by using HTML.
By the way,the thing that I like is the vibrating effect in each picture of blog post.:P

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ProPakistani-A Blog Review

ProPakistani is a blog all about Pakistan's IT and Telecom News.Here you can find all about latest technology news of Pakistan along with Reviews on gadgets,Tips about blogging and Up comings of Industry.
As it is a local base blog,You can find some extra stuff about it like sending free Sms and watching live TV channels etc.
I am a regular reader of this blog, as it contains all the things that I want about Pakistan's IT development.
This blog was founded by Aamir Attaa in 2008 for publishing exclusive and top-notch content relating to local telecom and broadband industry and according to my opinion he has got his target so far successively.
The author of this blog Aamir Attaa who is a Data Network expert by profession; along with this he has also tasted journalism, Internet marketing, and Search Engine Optimization is doing so effort that it concludes to productive ProPakistani.
With a vast band of Authors,ProPakistani is covering almost every daily update of Pakistan from every new call package to a fire in Wateen's Office.It seems good to see reviews and got helped on cell phones like Ufone Uth Futura there and Ptcl Smart phone there.
In one of the recent posts, the author gives details about Trakker Nav;A Digital Navigation System 
For Pakistan.
You can get ProPakistani here also:


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LostInTechnology-A Blog Review

LostInTechnology.As the name suggest it is a blog of science and technology.You can find some interesting fact about the founding LostInTechnology Here.The author is a market researcher,a blogger and a social media expert.According to him,he has tons of things to share but you have to read a lot also.
When I was writing this review I love to check it so many times daily because it is impossible to cover all this in one post.You are a Apple,Linux or Windows User you must see this blog at once.
I want to review some of the posts.Ejecting USB, In this post he introduces an software through which it can be easy to eject usb or other flash drives and Chrome Extensions includes the 3 must have extensions which you should install in your Google Chrome.
You Can check LostInTechnology here also:
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AutoBlog-A Blog Review

AutoBlog is a blog of Auto mobile industry.The blog said about itself in the following words:
"Autoblog obsessively covers the auto industry with news,reviews,podcasts,high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and automotive industry"
The blog contains very interesting and useful informations about the transports.You can get good knowledge about the up comings and those which are going away from the market.
I had no reason there when I thought to write an article on AutoBlog but after this,I realizes that there are too many people that love cars and they should really know such blogs.
The one thing of this blog that I love is you can get all information universally and that can really helps one who has a passion of cars and want information about the new ones,and if you are not a car lover you must check this blog it really make you crazy.
You can find Autoblog here also,
iPhone App,
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