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Mashable-A Blog Review

Mashable is a blog of Social Media News and Web Tips
Here you can find the latest news and stories of Social Networking Sites like Facebook,Twitter and many others whom you may not even know.I have found this blog very much useful in this regard and therefore decided to write a review on it.
I think the blog is covering only advance level topics like Location Based Marketing Entrepreneurs etc.But along with this they are also covering topics for beginners like Pinterest Beginners Guide.In this post the author covers the very bases of Pinterest,The growing social media network all over the World.
10 Tips And Tricks For Better Google Plus Brand Pages, Facebook Timeline Ideas and Facebook Trends In 2012 are that kind of things that can help Social Media Users very much.
Although the ideas expressed in the blog is not of a single person and here is the way you can share knowledge.
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Mashable is a brilliant site!

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