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Wisdom From Books-A Blog Review

Wisdom From Books is the blog of Malik Mirza.He loves to read books and share the knowledge he gets.In his blog,he said about his hobby in these words,"I love to read good books, share the ideas expressed in those books with people."He describes blogging as "A Forum With A Purpose".He said about his blog that it is to promote ideas from different management books, business books and even novels. You can read various ideas and useful techniques for personality developmentmotivationinspirationbusinessmanagement and self-help.
The author is a Chartered Accountant(ACA) and Chartered Certified Accountant(ACCA) and it is truly surprising thing for many people like me that those who are such a professional also have a interests like blogging and are doing so.
He usually writes on issues like management,Personality development and inspiration.In his posts he mostly quote the knowledge he read in books and blogs.
In one of his latest posts,he discusses about the story of Ancient Greek mythology that how Alexander The Great become ruler of Asia and then he started conquering the World.In this post,the author tells to give the lesson "Think Out Of The Box" which means that every problem has more than One solution and one should think generously with positive piece of mind.
In other relative posts,we can see topics like "3 Key Lessons from the life of Mr.Jobs" and "Facebook Can Be Dangerous" and "10 Qualities Of A Great Leader" which means that he tries to cover almost every topic that relates to his field.
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