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Freakify-A Blog Review

Freakify is a blog about best tutorials on HTML,CSS, PHP, Photoshop,Android,Tips & Tricks about Smart Phones Inspirational Resources Web Development and Designing.
I met across the blog while searching of giving effects to Facebook DP online and accidently get interaction with Ahmad Awais who love drinking strong coffee:).
The author is a student of Electrical Engineering but have deep interest in web designing HTML, CSS, PHP, Assembly, C, C++(OOP), Visual Basic, Verilog, and MySQL etc.He is also managing 5 other websites/blogs along with Freakify:
1.Ahmad Awais

3.The IETEC.
These blogs are about his personal and university life. while Martpk is a site of sell and buy.
Freakify let you help in basics of  each label shown above. Like in Blogspot you see tutorials by Abid Khan or in Smart Phones you can see Killer Review on Galaxy Note.I am enjoying the basic Html language  knowledge by Ahmad Awais while Adobe Muse is new for me still.
In the latest post he describes about the Sliding Login Registration Bar For Free and Describes the step to make a Site map in WordPress by using HTML.
By the way,the thing that I like is the vibrating effect in each picture of blog post.:P

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I just take a peek and I discovered your blog. It has an interesting content and I find it worth following.


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