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Paulo Coelho's Blog Review

The Blog of Paulo Coelho is written by Paulo Coelho, A best writer of 20th century whose several books are being published all over the world in different languages.His book "AL-CHEMIST" won the best seller book award and is being published in 65 languages.In total, Coelho has published 29 books. Two of them – The Pilgrimage and The Valkyries – are autobiographical, while the majority of the rest are fictional, although rooted in his life experiences Others are collections of essays, newspaper columns, or selected teachings lectures.
Written in simple English this blog is updated by Coelho himself on every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.Using this blog Paulo Coelho manage this blog to keep in touch with his followers and readers who are not following him on other social networking websites.Paulo Coelho mostly write on humor and sensation and put this in fiction which touches many hearts.In his most active blog he has a forum in which his lovers exchange their views on different topics while the categories option is pretty good for those who had missed different topics.
In one of his latest post he discussed a book "Shiny Brass Buttons" which had won FIGMENT-FABLE WRITING CONTEST.


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